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RF ParameterValueRemark
Working frequency2402~2483 MHzDefault: 2.4GHz
Transmitting power20 dBmAbout 100mW
WiFi version802.11 b/g/n 
Test distance100 meterIn open and clear air, with maximum power, 5dBi antenna gain, height of 2m

Hardware ParameterValueRemark
Size16 * 24 mm     
Antenna typePCB50Ω characteristic impedance
Communication interfaceUART 
Package  SMD 

Electronic parameterMin.Typ.Max.UnitCondition
Power supply33.33.6V 
Communication level33.33.6mA 
Transmitting current 165170180mA20dBm(100mW)
Sleep current 
Operating temperature  -402085 
Operating humidity106090% 
Storage temperature-4020125 

Package Included:

1 x E103-W01 WIFI ESP8266EX 2.4GHz Module

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