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1. Replace the original ATMEGA328P-PU with the QFP package ATMEGA328P-AU while keeping the ma-ster unchanged.
2. Replaced the USB chip to solve the problem that the driver cannot be installed on the win7 win8 system.
3. Replace the USB interface and replace it with the micro interface, so everyone's mobile phone charging cable can be easily downloaded, saving costs.
4. Increased pin headers to add convenience to friends who prefer pin headers
This version is optimized on the original version, which guarantees full compatibility with the original version and is convenient for everyone to use.
1. Completely solved the incompatibility of the traditional board in win7 and win8 systems.
2. The pin header is added to facilitate the use of the DuPont line.
3. Replaced 16u2, reducing the cost to half, consumers get big benefits


Digital I / O: 0 – 13
Analog I / O: 0 – 5
Support ISP download function
Input voltage: DC 5V ~ 9V (No external power supply when connected to the computer)
Output voltage: DC 5V / 3.3V

How to use:

1. Download the IDE arduino
   Link: (Copy to open)
2. Download the USB chip driver
   Link:  (Copy to open)
3. Plug in development board, the driver will be installed automatically

Package includes:

3 x Module

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